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Dietrich Henckel, Karin JurczykWelcome

Dietrich Henckel, Ulrich Mückenberger, Helga Zeiher, Introduction

Ulrich MückenbergerThe right to time. Time policy requirements for achieving a just and sustainable policy for men and women

Helga ZeiherThe DGfZP lives by its members

Karin Jurczyk, Ulrich MückenbergerFrom family-time policies and the critique of "standard employment relationship" to breathing life courses. A long-term project

Dietrich Henckel, Ulrich Mückenberger"Women change the times": Approaches and cyles in the history of local time policies

Dietrich Henckel, Björn GernikTime policies' uphill battles: The case of daylight saving time

Jürgen P. RinderspacherTimes for those in need of care

Helga ZeiherChildren's times: How time is set for children and how children live in time

Fritz ReheisJust saving the world? Sustainability as a time-policies mission

Helga ZeiherPopularizing the DGfZP

Messages and Congratulations

alle in: DGfZP (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zeitpolitik), ZpM (Zeitpolitisches Magazin) No 41 – English Edition July 2023: 
Articles on DGfZP’s 20th Anniversary, https://zeitpolitik.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/ZPM41_0323.pdf


Dietrich HenckelThe Future of Daylight Saving Time. https://zeitpolitik.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/future_of_DST.pdf